2929 North Central Expressway Suite 100 | Richardson, TX 75080


Crisis Contacts:

CONTACT Crisis Line: www.contactcrisisline.org 972-233-2233 (24 hr hotline)

Genesis Women’s Shelter - www.genesisshelter.org 214-946-4357 (24 hr hotline)

Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas www.sccenter.org 214-828-1000 (24 hr crisis line)

The Rape Crisis Center: www.rapecrisis.com 210-349-7273

Local Mental Health Hospitals:

Methodist Richardson Medical Center: www.methodisthealthcenter.org/mentalhealth
-Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery

Green Oaks - www.greenoakspsych.com

Presbyterian Hospital - Dallas www.texashealth.org

Carrollton Springs - Changes- Carrollton/Plano www.carrolltonsprings.com

Mesa Springs - Innovations- Fort Worth www.mesaspringsinnovations.com

Contact one of our counselors for more specific referrals and resources.