• Gary Cochran

    MA LPC-S

    Gary is a licensed psychotherapist serving in a variety of contexts and populations. He has earned two Masters Degrees, one in Biblical Studies from Abilene Christian University and another in Clinical Psychology from Sam Houston State University. He has over 30 years of experience with adolescents, families, college students, single adults, and single-parent families in churches, schools, community centers, psychiatric/treatment settings, Christian camps, urban shelters, and relief centers. Gary provides therapy for a variety of clients including: individuals (adolescents and above), families, pre-marriage, marriage, divorce, blended families, groups, and teams. These clients are experiencing a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, loss, all types of trauma and PTSD, various crises and crisis response, grief, conflict, abuse, neglect, exploitation, betrayals, abandonment, homelessness, the fatherless, disadvantages, other “wounds” of life, and various life transitions. He is a mentor, teacher, speaker, and facilitator for groups, addressing a variety of mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.

    He has served for years as a professional counselor for ministers and other Christian leaders, ministry conferences, other helping professions, settings for care givers, and non-profit organizations.

    Gary serves as minister of Singles and Urban Missions with the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas. Since 2006, Gary has led the singles ministries, serving with those in all ages and life stages. In 2007, he initiated and continues to lead “Cover Dallas With Love”, the church’s growing, primary and systematic network of urban missions, partnering with individuals of all backgrounds, churches, small and large organizations, and non-profits, serving those in need throughout Dallas, as well as hosting and providing a wide variety of meetings for community at Prestoncrest. Additionally, Gary provides counseling and referrals for the Prestoncrest church, those from other churches, and the broader community.

    Before moving to Dallas, Gary worked in youth/family, and community ministries for 20 years. He continues to lead camps and other programs for children and teens. Gary leads crisis response groups to serve in local and regional disaster relief areas. Finally, he has led groups to Honduras and other third world countries for over 20 years, serving with established ministry training schools, orphanages, developing Christian academies, and for special purposes.

    Gary serves in leadership roles of various organizations addressing issues of mental health, addiction/recovery, community and neighborhood revitalization, poverty, homelessness, crisis response, and more.


    • Abandonment/Grief/Loss
    • Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation
    • Anger/Stress Management
    • Anxiety/Fear/Panic Attacks
    • Betrayal/Infidelity/Recovery
    • Burnout/Compassion Fatigue
    • Career
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Crisis Response and Intervention
    • Depression/Mood Issues
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • Premarital (PREPARE/ENRICH)
    • Resilience Issues
    • Sexual Issues
    • Spiritual Issues
    • Transitions
    • Trauma/PTSD

    Services provided to:

    • Teens
    • College Students
    • Singles and Single-Parent Families
    • Couples/Dating/Engaged/Married
    • Families
    • Blended Families
    • Divorced
    • Groups